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Patient Reviews

Since our office may be new to some of you, here is what some of our patients have said about their experience at our office…..

“I go out of network to see Dr Almaraz, he is the best also his staff is wonderful A+++”

-J.R. 1/15

“You guys are doing great! Keep up the good work”

-B.S. 10/12

“The new testing before I saw the doctor was all new to me. Paula did a wonderful job explaining what each test was for and giving me instructions on what to do on each test. Mary Kay was helpful in arranging my appointment. My visit was totally satisfactory”

-S.P. 10/12

“Keep up the good customer/client service. A pleasure to come to the office…Thanks”

-C.J. 6/14

“I just wish that all other Drs. offices were as efficient, friendly and professional as yours!”

-J.D. 6/14

“Please don’t change anything, you all do such a great job….Thank you so much.”

-P.D. 6/14

“Office staff friendly, courteous, helpful as was Dr. Almaraz. Very Satisfied.”

-S.H. 8/14

“My visit to the office was exceptional! It’s a beautiful well lit office, clean office. Everyone is friendly and I really enjoyed my office visit. I wasn’t going to get new glasses but decided to after seeing the selection and being helped to find the right pair for me.”

-R.H. 1/15